Model Application



Want to be a FeetWish Girl? 

We are really excited to welcome you to our model program! You can start earning money easily by just taking pics and videos of your feet! Let's get you started :D

In our webpage you'll be able to sell feet pictures, feet videos and worn clothes (socks, tights, etc.) very easily, you just have to be accepted in the program and start sending us your content, we'll take care of the rest ;D. You'll be paid 60% of your sold content.

As a FeetWish Girl you can be displayed in the page as yourself or anonymous. As yourself, we'll create your profile with your real first name or nickname and pictures of your face, this way you'll have more clients because customers like to know the person they are buying the content from. If you prefer to be anonymous, no problem! We'll set your profile without your real name and we'll just display your feet pictures to attract your clients.

You have to complete the form below, here are the requirements to apply:

1. You need to be at least 18 years old.

2. You need to send two pictures of your feet (front and back) follow this example:


We recommend you to take the pictures with a quality camera, clean the lens before taking the pics and try to make everything that is visible clean and esthetic. 

3. Include a picture you want to be the main picture in your profile (you'll be able to change it in the future), we recommend it's a nice picture of yourself showing face to attract more clients.

4. We need to confirm it's you sharing your own content, therefore you'll need to upload a picture of your ID (passport or ID card) with all the information visible and a picture of yourself holding a handwritten sign that says "", your entire face has to be seen clearly in the picture. These pictures will not be shown to others and will be kept safe to protect your privacy. Follow these examples:


5. Complete the rest of required information in the form below, if you are accepted in the program you will be notified via email with the following steps and you'll be sent a contract to start getting paid for your sold content on the page. Take in account we have the right to reject any application, in that case we'll also notify you via email. 

NOTICE: Not all the information you provide bellow will be shared in the webpage,   only the following information will be displayed in your profile:

- The profile name you choose to display

- Age

- Nationality

- Feet Size

- Profile picture of your choice

- About information of your choice