How to Make Good Feet Content

Selling feet content is an amazing way to make money, it takes no effort to do the content, you meet new people and your self-esteem increases, but it's not always easy. If you want to generate an income with your feet, you have to take in account certain things and follow some guidelines. There are many girls that make an extra income with feet content and there are some that can live from it, depending on how dedicated and committed you are to this business. 

To start in the business you have to be conscious that what you put out there is sexual content, but that doesn't mean it's bad, just have that in consideration. Also, you have to take in account that people that know you might not understand this business and think it's weird, you have to be comfortable with that as well. Not everyone is open minded, but if you personally enjoy this business you'll succeed in it. Only those who try new things get new results.

If you don't mind the things mentioned above, then you have to take in account the following tips to succeed in selling content. Here are the recommendations:


Sometimes we don't pay much attention to the aspect of our feet. Feet carry us around everywhere, we put on shoes that don't really feel comfortable, we stand on them for a lot of hours, etc. We injure them sometimes because of this and then we don't take care of them. If you want your feet to look good you have to start paying attention to them, they need hydration, massages, pedicure and exercise. Your feet will look wonderful and radiant if you take care of them.


For taking pictures and videos of your feet, you need to have a good quality camera, clean the lenses, and make sure that your feet are always in the frame. 


If you want to make money with pictures and videos of your feet, you need to make constant content, in that way clients will buy more from you. Set a schedule for yourself to make feet content, it doesn't have to be daily, but once or twice a week at least.


There's a lot of feet fetish content in, social media, youtube, etc., you can follow. You can check the girls that have more followers and sells so you can copy their content with your own feet. 


Clients like to see things they have never seen. Think of different things you can do with your feet and just try it, you'll be surprised how many clients like your content because it's original and it came out just from you.


In this business the content that sells the most is the custom content. Clients like to interact with models to ask for content made exclusively for them. When you agree to make a custom video for a client you need to be punctual with the delivery and comply with their request, in that way they will become recurrent clients.


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